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 "Everybody needs to start culturing their nervous systems and getting ready for Spiritual Enlightenment because it's going to be a common experience in our culture."

~Stuart Mooney Jr. 

Couple Therapy Session

Retreat Photo Gallery

Fairmont Orchid - November 2019
Kohala Coast, HI


















Fairmont Orchid - November 2018
Kohala Coast, HI


Group photo of November 2018 Retreat group


Sunset in Kohala Coast, HI


young woman laughing


Woman and man smiling holding food



Picture of the ocean during sunset in Kohala Coast, HI


Woman with white hair smiling


Overhead view of the hotel where the retreat was held


Man and two woman are smiling for a photo


Picture of a table with the ocean in the background


Photo with three woman talking and smiling


Photo of palm trees over the ocean in Kohala Coast, HI


Fairmont Orchid - November 2017
Kohala Coast, HI


Group photo of the November 2017 retreat attendees


Photo at sunset of the pool


group photo of retreat attendees smiling


Photo of a woman leaning against a wall on her phone smiling


Ocean of Kohala Coast, HI at sunset


Group of 5 people at the retreat smiling


the landscape around the retreat hotel in Kohala Coast, HI


Group photo at the retreat in November 2017


Picture of Stuart Mooney and two women at the retreat


Stuart Mooney speaking at the 2017 retreat

Two woman sitting on a couch with palm trees in the background


the beach in Kohala Coast, HI



Fairmont Orchid - November 2016
Kohala Coast, HI


Group photo of Retreat attendees in November 2016



The beach and ocean view at the retreat



Guests sitting at a table during the retreat



Retreat attendees at the beach at sunset



a woman with her hands up standing on the beach



beach group photo of the retreat attendees



woman paddleboarding in the ocean



sunset photo over the ocean in Hawaii



retreat attendees lounging on the beach



woman and Stuart Mooney taking a photo


Delta Lodge at Kananskis - May 2016
Kananaskis, AB Canada


The May 2016 retreat view in Canada



Deer in photo at the May 2016 retreat in Canada



three deer lounging near the retreat in May 2016



Group photo of retreat attendees in Canada May 2016



Stuart Mooney sitting next to a rock fountain



Group of attendees at a bonfire



three attendees having a cheerful conversation



three attendees smiling for a photo outside



Landscape in Kananaskis, AB


Fairmont Orchid - November 2015
Kohala Coast, HI


The resort for the November 2015 retreat



The tables are set up for the 2015 retreat



Beach photo with palm trees



Group photo of the November 2015 retreat



A group of the retreat attendees eating around a table



attendees enjoying beach time at sunset



attendees enjoying sunset on the beach and in the water


Delta Lodge at Kananskis - May 2015
Kananaskis, AB Canada


the resort for the May 2015 retreat




Group Photo of those at the May 2015 retreat



Mountains in Kananaskis, AB



Low hanging clouds over the resort for May 2015 resort



Man standing in front of surrounding mountains



Man standing in front of beautiful mountain landscape



Group photo at the 2015 retreat


Hawaii Island Retreat - May 2014 & November 2014
Kapaau, HI


Resort for retreats in May 2014


view of the ocean between two cliffs



trees and foliage around the resort



person sitting on a rock talking on the phone



Group of attendees to the 2014 retreat

woman taking photo of another woman near a cliff side



two people taking a walk on a beach


group of attendees sitting in a circle



group conversations while sitting in a circle



Attendees eating lunch on the beach



Smiling group photo of attendees to the 2014 retreat


The woman of the retreat taking a picture