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Our present Human experience is currently a fragmented reality.  Our brains break everything into the I and the Not-I. This is an organic reality. The Not-I becomes our lifelong enemy. Our Societies reinforce this mis-perception. Our lives become a war between the I and not-I. And eventually, we grow up to become adults who find ourselves at war with everyone and everything…relationships, the environment, the neighbors, the red-necks, the tree-huggers, the Republicans, the Gays, the Blacks and on and on it goes. This “us” vs. “them” consciousness is caused by a perceptual anomaly in our brain function which favors fragmentation over Unity. Historically, though, this was not always the case and there is now a lot of research data supporting this contention. For instance, we now know that every synaptic cleft of every human being on Earth has key-hole-like receptor sites that, when filled with the correct neurochemical keys, creates the subjective experience of a collective wholeness in the individual. It is described in both Eastern and Western literature as a state of Unity with everything. Taking LSD, Mushrooms, Peyote etc. is just an artificial way of filling these receptor sites for short periods of time. A much more effective and life-enhancing way is to employ a wide variety of what I call “Spiritual Technologies” to gradually enliven these dormant “holistic” neural receptors.  If there is no true ORGANIC EXPERIENTIAL connection between people, if it remains just mental, if it if just a mood of connection, then all that we are doing to create this new and better reality for our families, will be of limited use to the Planet. We will invariably re-create our fragmented Past.  Why is Spiritual Enlightenment important? Think of it this way. If I experienced everyone, everywhere to be as near and dear to me as my own self, how could I ever hurt anyone? If I experienced my Earth as an expression of my own self, how could I hurt it again. Our understanding of life and our choices are structured in consciousness.

It is clear to me that the Brain, the Mind and Consciousness are the last great frontiers. It is why I have spent the last forty years of my life focusing on them. It is because I truly believe that the future of our species depends on unlocking their secrets.

stuart mooney

"Stuart Mooney is an extraordinary presence who
emanates divine grace to amplify our evolutionary
intention such that our manifestation goes quantum.
He reveals that "We are not a localized body. We
are an infinite body. We are all aspects of one
infinite living being. This being is ALIVE!

~Barbara Marx Hubbard, famed speaker and visionary


Stuart Mooney Jr. M.A. is a renowned author, teacher and healer. For nearly 50 years, he has lectured all over the world, on the “Nature of the Awakened Consciousness”. Stuart was one of the first western clinicians to use yogic meditation in the treatment of mental illness and, in 1972, he helped perform landmark research into the effects of mantra meditation on the human brain. Even today, Stuart remains on the cutting edge of the study of the Psychophysiology of the Awakened Consciousness.

Over the years, he has been authorized to teach more than 100 secret spiritual techniques by the Gurus of India. Stuart has also been approved to transmit spiritual knowledge under the authority of the Shankaracharya of South India. This is a rare honor for a westerner because the Shankaracharya is often referred to as the Indian equivalent of the Pope. The Shankaracharya is said to be the true holder of the original, undistorted knowledge of Enlightenment. And, finally, Stuart has developed the rare “Siddhi Power” to transmit Healing Grace. You will find him to be an insightful, compassionate and a very funny individual.   


Over the past four decades, we've had the opportunity to personally counsel and teach thousands of spiritual seekers as they progressed through critical moments in their journey. Because of this, I've been in a unique position to see and to understand first-hand how we are all doing. 
Spiritual evolution can be very confusing for Westerners. We all have read great books written by saints, yogis, shamans, and lamas. We have listened to YouTubes by great saints or gone to ashrams in India. It is easy to get lost in descriptions of spiritual states of consciousness with names like awakening, mukti, satori, nirvana, samadhi and god realization...and not understand what they are.....where they come from.....and how these extraordinary experiences fit into our daily lives. 

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It's easy to lose sight of the rest of our lives. But, in the end, this is where we live. We live here in the West. We live in a society made up of individuals with families, day-jobs and mortgages. After all, living in the "real world" is the truest test of spiritual evolution. The only problem is that many of us have been so engrossed in our spiritual "journey" that it can sometimes be difficult to find our way.

Let us help you to gain some perspective about your spiritual journey and how it fits into the rest of your life. Please understand that our goal is not to change your beliefs. They are sacred. Our goal is to help you to gain a "Practical Enlightenment". 

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