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"Stuart Mooney is an extraordinary presence who emanates
divine grace to amplify our evolutionary intention such that
our manifestation goes quantum. He reveals that "We are not
a localized body. We are an infinite body. We are all aspects
of one infinite living being. This being is ALIVE! ITS NATURE

Barbara Marx Hubbard, famed speaker and visionary


Isara Chellis Argent
Educational Consultant/Mentor and School Counselor
February 2017

Stuart Mooney has been a key figure in my evolutionary growth for the past five years. In that time I have relied on the feeling I get in his presence along with the practices and teachings I have learned in association with him to help me "test the waters" of various movements and public figures that I encounter to see if they are worth my energetic investment. I find that I easily move into a state of expanded awareness in his presence, and I have felt that from the beginning. This has grown into an experience of the Divine Presence, which has always been there, but we are both more aware and able to be in a waking state of transcendence as he is actively transmitting a teaching. I am so grateful to be a part of his program.

~Isara is a Graduate Student and has worked with Stuart for many years.

Barbara Rice
Physicians Development Group
Wichita, KS

Stuart Mooney is a brilliant presence who is dedicated to helping humanity shift through the illusion to fully embrace reality just as it is and he does it in the most practical ways.

I have known Stuart for nearly 10 years and each time we get together he takes me further into life as it truly is and not as I perceive it to be. He shows me exactly where I am getting in the way and he does it with such gentleness, Grace and pinpoint accuracy that I gain clarity and my experience of life shifts. I have gone from disconnected to connected, from fatigued to energized, from cranky to effervescent, from fearful to trusting and I credit this new way of living to my friend and teacher. Thank you Stuart for your commitment and sense of humor! You are a precious resource for us all!

~Barabara is a Graduate Student and has worked with Stuart for many years.

Tim Wise
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Success Expert

I was introduced to Stuart through a friend here in Australia and I knew from our first Skype call that I was talking to a very special man. Stuart's approach to spirituality (aka Life) and the way he teaches is rare and possibly non existent elsewhere. His wisdom, gained from direct experience is vast, he shares this love with enormous generosity. If you get the opportunity to work with Stuart you are deeply blessed. Thank you Stuart for blessing me and showing me how to live in awareness.

~Tim is a Graduate Student and has received sessions with Stuart since 2014.

Kevin Twohy 
First VP - Partner Development at PlanMember Financial Corporation

In my 45 year professional career, and an equal amount of time devoted to personal & spiritual development, I have rarely found an individual who is as clear about what really matters in life as Stuart. Stuart provides a depth of connection to information - both on the relative/ business side of life, as well as to the Divine side of life - that is true to every cell...more

February 19, 2013, Kevin was with another company when working with Stuart at American Buddha Spiritual Therapy

Yaz Shehab
Co-founder at Brachium Labs

Stuart is the embodiment of the awakened American Buddha. He is a joy to work with and a treasure to be in his presence.

February 14, 2013, Yaz was Stuart's client

Perry Blake
Maintenance Manager at Interim Inc.

With each meeting and workshop I have had with Stuart, I've experienced deeper and more profound states of being. I am no longer a prisoner of life long depression and consider Stuart a miracle that I could not have imagined. I have deep respect for him and his mission.

February 14, 2013, Perry was Stuart's client

Rev. Kristin Panek
Spiritual Director, Flowering Heart Center

Stuart is very powerful, compassionate and gifted. His teachings carry a high vibration that transforms people. He has a strong ability to deeply connect with others, see who they really are, heal them and lead them to their highest potential. He lives his life in service.

February 13, 2013, Rev. Kristin was Stuart's client

Nanette Ford
Physician Assistant at Family Medicine & Wellness

Being in the presence of Stuart is being in the presence of the Divine. He radiates Love and takes you with him on a journey to the dimension of Awareness and Awakening. He has the ability to transform the consciousness of the room by transforming the consciousness of each participant. Stuart has the gift of showing us how Simple the Shift in consciousness can be. Give...more

February 13, 2013, Nanette worked directly with Stuart at American Buddha Spiritual Therapy

Tony Mahood
Writer at ElmFilms

Stuart flew to Melbourne, Australia to take a weekend Mukti Deeksha course. His goal was to instruct us how to receive grace from the divine and move into a permanent awakened state. His insights were mind blowing. His knowledge inspiring. After just two days of listening to Stuart talk my life was changed forever and I immediately booked a flight for India to continue the...more

February 13, 2013, Tony was Stuart's client

Marion Culhane
Social Entrepreneur, Coach, Fund Raising, Public Speaking, Experienced Business and Wellness Consultant

I've enjoyed my time and gotten value from working with Stuart.
Marion Culhane

February 13, 2013, Marion was Stuart's client

Margaret Nixon

Stuart Mooney has been the fire of inspiration for a large group of spiritual seekers here in the North Wes for the last 2+ years. Everyone Loves Stuart. He is so real yet so spiritually awakened. The kind of spiritual level that only comes when you are willing to pay the personal price for it.He Loves everyone, and is always there for you in the most profound ways.

February 13, 2013, Margaret was Stuart's client

Dr Punnu Wasu
Dr Healer, Indian Classical Bhajan/Kirtan Raga Rock at punnu wasu

Stuart Mooney is a very good friend, An Awakened Being and has helped many beings to go deeper in their lifes.

February 13, 2013, Dr Punnu worked directly with Stuart at American Buddha Spiritual Therapy

Gaynor Foster
Owner, Gaynor Foster Communications P/L

Stuart's ability to see and feel what's needed, and to flow with the process, makes him a fantastic presenter and coach. Everyone in the room felt his presence as a guiding force during an event we still talk about, and which created breakthroughs for many. Highly recommended!

February 13, 2013, Gaynor was Stuart's client

Hallie Foote
Independent Entertainment Professional

I’ve known Stuart Mooney for several years now. After reading his book, “American Buddha” I scheduled a private session with him and have continued seeing him privately as well as attending his workshops whenever I am in California.
What does he do? Well, for me, he has gently guided and facilitated my spiritual exploration and growth. He has exposed me to many...more

February 12, 2013, Hallie was Stuart's client

Sage Berrett
Owner, Art of Balance, Inc.

Stuart is a master teacher and mentor to our community in the Nelson area. His seminars have always been fully booked, with great feedback and appreciation for the inspiring, useful and loving delivery of life-enhancing material he always delivers. He is a highly valued mentor in my life and it is with confidence that I give my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to...more

February 12, 2013, Sage was Stuart's client

Eric Isen
President at Ayurveda Intuitive, Inc.

Stuart is a wonderful speaker and teacher who has a very powerful spiritual presence and energy. He speaks from experience and lives all the truths of which he speaks.

February 12, 2013, Eric was Stuart's client

David Tilove

Stuart is one of the finest and knowledgeable spiritual leaders of our time. He is a man of honesty and integrity.

February 12, 2013, David was with another company when working with Stuart at American Buddha Spiritual Therapy

Shelley L. Cummins
Yoga Specialist

Stuart is an extraordinary person in all ways. As a lecturer/ teacher for Oneness Courses and American Buddha he shared great wisdom and provided profound experiences. Stuart is funny, heartfelt, authentic, and a true gift... I recommend him fully.

February 12, 2013, Shelley L. worked directly with Stuart at American Buddha Spiritual Therapy


My experience with Stuart over the past 3 years is hard to express in words. It is a gradual awakening to knowledge that already lies deep within us, but at the same time offers a practical guide on how to use that knowledge to enhance our everyday lives. The change from session to session is subtle, almost unnoticed, but the results are impossible to go unnoticed. My life from when I first met Stuart to now has gone through an incredible transformation for the better, giving me the strength and confidence to go after my dreams by waking me up to a power that was always there but dormant. It has been a volatile journey, but what natural evolutionary process isn't? All I know is that with Stuart by my side, I have managed to reach new heights, improve my finances and relationships, appreciate and be kinder to myself, and felt an urge to reawaken dreams and aspirations that I had put aside as simply "daydreaming". It is an ongoing process, so even though there certainly is a "before" picture, I am reluctant to say that where I am now is the "after". I am excited for what the future holds, and forever appreciative to Stuart for helping to bring out the best in me.

~Alex Tanti - Graduate Student since 2013

I find Stuart's knowledge of science, spirituality, and Eastern practices to be completely fascinating and inspiring. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Stuart and am blessed to be mentored by him. I'm a much happier, peaceful person as a result!

~Brandon - Graduate Student since 2015

Dear Stuart

I live in the Nelson area and was present at your 'avatar' weekend. I feel SO blessed and have alot of GRATITUDE for receiving the GRACE thru you. E ach of your workshops has deepened my connection with the Divine presence ~ expanding awareness supporting more full experience of this life.

Dearest Stuart,
I can't find words to express my Gratitude and appreciation for your workshop last weekend in Chicago.
It was absolutely profound; the sacred space you hold, the peaceful energy and wisdom you share was amazing. In your presence, a deeper peace within me was awaken and I got a lot of realization about myself and sessions we do. It was such a blessings to receive and give Oneness Blessings, it's amazing  how it works. Thank you so much for sharing your unique gift with all of us, thank you for holding the holy sacred space for us, so we received realization, expanded our consciousness. Your humbleness, your peace, your light is so profound and inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With boundless love, peace and light,
H from Chicago

"Thanks so much for your talks this past weekend in KC! I really enjoyed the WHOLE experience and still am..."

Thank you for your Blessing this afternoon nice meeting you both times.

"Hi Stuart. I met you in Kansas City. Thank you so very much for taking me deeper into my healing and for helping me awaken."

Thank you for another hour of guidance and giggles! You always make me laugh.

Thank you for placing your many thoughts into words
and videos on the nature of the awakened consciousness, you are an inspiration on many levels.

"Really enjoyed your comments….Thank you for everything you do for all of us. I discovered Stuart Mooney and I'm floating away.  I feel so inspired and blessed to be living in this era.

Dear Stu,

Out of all the spiritual experiences I've had,
and I've had many, the oneness blessing meditation
from the World Puja 1-1-11 broadcast ... Always and forever...
Lots of love & gratitude,

Dear Stuart Mooney,
I just wanted to say thank you for the World transmission on 01/01/11.  I felt a shift in myself and connecting with Spirit like I had not in a long time. I really appreciate you and I am very grateful.
Peace Love Light,

Dear Stuart,
My deepest gratitude to God for you, and for 'sending' you into my life. How timely! Thank you for a most powerful consult yesterday. There were times when I thought, 'how do you know that?' Then quickly tell myself 'he's supposed to know these things.' Thank you Stuart and I hope you were not inconvenienced g oing over the time limit. I had to go and have a lie-down afterwards and of course I'm still processing. I can still see vividly some scenes from the journey.
Thank you.

Thank you so much for your divine participation of the
world puja program 1.1.11. It was truly divine love true the whole program and I was weeping a lot and i felt so blessed and  you could really feel the divine loves presence and it didn't matter where you was in the world. I live in Norway. The energy started in the minute I connected me to world puja for the event and it was very strong and I started to weep in that moment and i felt so blessed that i could participate and listen to you. Thank you so much for the divine work you do and for your blessings. I wish you a beautiful new year.
With love
M from Norway

Hi Stuart,
I wanted to express my deep gratitude for the gift you shared with us all today.  The Journey to the
edge of creation, meeting our guide, and returning to Earth with that divinity was very special for me, and I'm sure many others.  Also, I loved the music you had playing.

In Love and Appreciation,

Dear Stuart,
Thank you for your gift this morning on the World Puja 1-1-11 call after meditation and Deeksha in KC last night to ring in the new year. Inspiring! Extremely powerful and perfectly timed on this day,
I’m so blessed to have looked into your eyes here at Deepening Course in KC last month.  Your words, to be able to be in both places at once, keep cycling around into my awareness. Blessings to you as you offer so much to so many. Thank you for this morning’s gift.
In Oneness,
J from Kansas City

Awesome meditation!! Set my alarm for 4am
and managed to stay awake for the whole thing!! Thank-you!!!

Blessings from Sydney xxxx

Thank you for the great start of the 2011 process.

Love and blessings,

Namaste Stuart your so so beautifull meditation
on saturday the 1st. on Planetary Meditation for
awakening was so powerfull♥ & mind blowing and so amazing!! thank you so much in deep gratitude
lots of love and best of grace ♥♥♥

This should have Awakened all the listeners! Wow! It was
definitely God speaking through you! Thank you! What a way to start the New Year! Everyone else was great on it also.

Thanks, Stuart, for an incredible 2011 meditation yesterday! I am grateful for your presence, your power, and your purity.
Namaste and blessings.

Hi Stuart, thanks for the friendship. Thank you also for the
gift you gave today on the Meditation for Planetary Transformation.

Love and Peace to you! ❧❧♡❧❧

Thank You for the 2011 Planetary Transformation meditation Stuart ♥ Blessings of Love & Gratitude IN Oneness.

Stuart ... Thank you   BEloved BEing..so much for the weekend.. it is the BEST to hear and experince in just plain ol american talk....... India I so love. I used to spend all my time waiting til I could get back
there.. but we need THIS ... It brings tears to my eyes  to have recieved this wonderful weekend... There is a differnce in my expiernce of THE WAY THINGS ARE!~

Dear Stuart,
I didn't have the opportunity to connect with you one on one, but I did want to let you know how so very grateful I am that you came to the East Coast to share your wisdom and grace.  In the week or two leading up to the event I found and ingested each of your YouTube teachings and calls with a voracious abandon, and as I passed your teaching around to my local crew, I believe the words "mildly obsessed" were tossed around in describing my affection toward you.
thank you

I am so grateful for your presence in my life. And then, this weekend,
seeing you operate, I realized how afraid I am of THAT. Seeing the simple peace and power of being no-one. Not during the teachings, speaking, of course, but during the times when nothing needed to be done. I realized that I had actually never seen anyone like that before. Just being in being. The utter, complete stillness. The space of love and potential. It sounds so lovely until my ego sees it and totally revolts!!! : )

Thank you for all your hard work this weekend, and your
blessing of our children. We had an wonderful time today helping them be furious at us !

Hi, Stuart. I am from the intensive course that took place this
weekend. Thank you for your teachings and experiences! :)

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for your beautiful and powerful presence and words this past weekend in Newark and for a hug. Many Blessings to you on your journey

I echo the sentiments Stuart. This weekend was one of the most transformational that I have ever expereinced and you and your presence was a big part of that. Thank you for being exactly who you are...perfection...as we all are!

I was in NH when the big snow hit and you had to leave. Our group that night was so full of love and light. We missed you, but we got to hear your voice on the phone and feel your love. Thanks.


thank-you for your voice....what you say and your book the A
merican Buddha has releaved my mind so much....just be. It is wonderful to know I cannot mess it up or do it wrong.I am fortunate to be living very close to nature and feel the love from nature. I am in the midst of a depression and your book has helped me very much.thank-you Stuart.
Hugs M

Thank you Stuart, I feel your energy often guiding me.....bless you.

Hi, Stuart:) thanks a lot for sharing your experience,
it`s really beautiful! And I want to thank you from all the people who were also with me that day watching you in Ukraine. Many things started to happend to all of us:)!

I watched this video yesterday here in Greenville SC and had a lot of AHA moments and was able to have a more concrete understanding. I wasn't realizing the depth of the experiences that I was having. Thank you so much Stuart and I look forward to seeing you.

Beautiful talk last night. I can't fully express my grattitude please know it is there. Once agan your meditation was on something that had happened within that day that you spoke, as always : ). My birthday is this Sunday, I will be mindful of you and your whole family on that day -- and if there is ANYTHING I could add to the wish on the candles please let me know.

Stuart, thank you so much for sharing, I don't know why but I go
this feeling I know you very well since long ago and I heard already everything you talked about before, it is something so so familiar and touched my heart! Thank you for being with us!

Stuart, thank you for every word you wrote on your book,
thank you for all the love that you shared in Tampa, thank you for taking the time to read my LONG message.... a million times THANK YOU! Hope to see you again soon!

Hello Stuart,
I want to let you know that I was watching your Skypesession with Russia yesterday. Your explanations with examples were very clear to me. At some point you were talking about the prison and you said: you'll never can't get out of it! The moment you said that, it was the wake up call in me! That was the dead of the ego. And yes, it's true: everything is the same, but everything is also different! Thank you so much for the words you spoke and lots of love.......

I want to thank everyone that comes here for Deeksha and came
and supported our incredibly life changing 2 days with Stuart Mooney. "What a Gift"

Now we all know that God Realization is real, that we will be " joyfully functional" and we are moving into this very rapidly. Thanks to all the Divine Grace that we are so grateful for. AmmaBhagavan, we love you.

Hi Stuart,
What an amazing experience!! I did have a beautiful experience of Divine Grace that broke through and lifted my heart that Saturday night, with the effects remaining a few days.  I'm really looking forward to the increased energies coming our way!

Now that most of us have experienced 2 days with Stuart Mooney,
we can see that this state means being joyfully willing and able to assist many others.So much love! I have never been in anyones presence like him. He has made such a profound effect on our family. (He is so real) and I know that I was inspired to ask him to come, and he was inspired to accept. and I know that we were both answering the call of the Divine. Some incredible healing has happened in such a very
short time. This is how we the next ones to awaken will be. We will " hear the call " and know that we are serving the divine, and we will be healing this planet and everyone on it, very soon!

Dear Stuart:

I don't know if you have idea of the impact you have had here.  All of the 10 of us, are forever changed. We may not have reached total awakening yet, but each of us is now living from a higher state.  We all laugh more, and play more.  We move through our charges faster, if they grab us at all.  We love more deeply and more lightly. I know you would say it is the Divine, but the Divine is truly you.  We see it and are so very grateful!

Dear Stuart,

I don't know if you got my healing request I sent a few days ago?
I came to Chicago  and became a Blessing Giver after meeting you in Fairfield and reading your inspiring book American Buddha . Today I did the Healing Grace Transmission meditation on your photo for 15 minutes at 4 am. It was powerful. Thank you so much and thanks for your presence last weekend.

Lots of love,

G'day Stuart, i've started to recieve your healing grace transmission through
your picture.  All i can say is wow this is truly amazing!  I have a question concerning the frequency of looking at your picture.  Is it once a week? everyday? every 2nd day? Thank you for allowing people to recieve this transmission.

Dear Stuart,
Thank you for a powerful and moving experience.  I am continuing to process and experience all that transpired.  I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity for all three of us to work together in such an intimate way.  Thank you again, and I look forward to another opportunity for us to meet again.

Dear Stuart
It's the "psychiatric guy" here,  we had a session on Friday, and when you said were kindred spirits....I think you were a bit ahead of me at the time.....however after this weekend, I must admit I felt a very deep connection with you at an energetic level, and even if we never meet again, you will always be a significant person in my life journey.

Thank you for coming to Sydney and I am so glad I attended this weekend (a weekend my ego had no interest in coming to), it was so beneficial and very powerful and expansive, it just broke my heart open and showed me a future so clearly that before I did not even know existed. Take care Stuart and safe trip back home.

J from Sidney Australia

Thanks Stuart for hearing our call, and coming down the shoreline ,to be with us this past weekend. You pulled us together, and helped restore our purpose. You were able to softly appease our Western intellect so that the open minded child could be revieved, and take in the riches bestowed upon us through the ancient Vedic rituals.


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